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“No matter how long the winter, Spring is sure to follow.”

…..and I sure hope ours decides to stay for awhile. In the meantime we can pretend its warm and sunny indoors! What a blast we had this year for the spring mini sessions! I love getting to see everyone and how much they have grown and “bloomed” (See what I did there)!  And who doesn’t love a bunny snuggle!?!

C-6C-33C-16 2C-12C-2C-16C-9C-2C-17C-26C-30A-6A-5A-13A-14HP-5HP-15HP-16HP-21HP-26HP-31HP-33C-1C-20C-25C-9H-21H-19H-24H-42H-44H-32H-38H-51D-13D-12D-16D-6D-3D-28D-26D-22A-10A-18A-21A-17TL-12TL-18TL-1TL-10TL-5TL-14AAS-8AAS-12AAS-10AAS-1AAS-23AAS-21AAS-17AAS-35AAS-31AAS-38AAS-40

Have a Happy Easter everyone!

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